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Eliasica Timmerman

Eliasica Timmerman was born and raised in Ketchikan , Alaska . She is Haida from the Yaadaas Eagle Clan. Her mother and grandmother were born and raised in the village of Hydaburg , Alaska . Eliasica apprenticed under Master Weaver Holly Churchill for basketry and garments from 1995-2006, and also studied under Evelyn Vanderhoop for Chilkat weaving from 2000-2008. Eliasica has been studying the Haida language and has put in over 440 hours with Dr Jordan Lachler through the Sealaska Heritage Institute. In the spring and summer Eliasica and her three children gather materials that she uses for her weaving including red and yellow cedar bark, spruce root, maidenhair fern, and canary grasses. She uses Haida techniques to create baskets, garments and chilkat weavings. Eliasica has won many awards for her work and has dedicated her life to learning her culture.

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