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Raymond Peck

Raymond Peck was born and raised in Juneau , Alaska. He is a descendant of several Tlingit clans who places great importance on perpetuating the traditional art forms of his ancestry. Ray’s father is of the Eagle and Wolf clan and his mother is Raven-Beaver.

This well established carver started collecting pictures and designs related to Northwest Coast Indian art at an early age. In high school he had the honor of working in Sitka with some of the state’s finest carvers. His nine years of architectural and engineering drafting are displayed in the precision of his work.

Ray’s commissioned pieces can be seen throughout Alaska ’s capital city. He has carved numerous panels, totems and painted murals with Tlingit designs. His talents extend to bronze work, sculpture, and literature. He is the author and illustrator of a book “Tlingit Design and Carving Manual” and has illustrated books by others.

In his book he talks about the significance of Tlingit art “Through the ages Northwest Coast Indian art remains one of the most beautiful and functional forms of traditional cultural art found anywhere. Symmetry, smooth flowing lines, complimentary colors, sharp detail and elusive, mystical symbolism all contribute to the beauty of totemic designs.

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