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Goldbelt Incorporated is the proud parent company for Mt. Roberts Tramway and Raven Eagle Gifts. Goldbelt Incorporated is an urban, Alaska Native, for profit corporation located in Juneau, Alaska.  Its primary purpose is to manage assets and to conduct business for the benefit of its shareholders, nearly 3,600 people of Alaska Native heritage, providing dividends, employment, and educational grants and scholarships for shareholders and shareholder descendants.

Alaskan Natives, primarily located within the Juneau region, collectively hold the entire 272,200 shares of Goldbelt stock, representing assets of approximately $105 million in addition to over 32,000 acres of land in the vicinity of the City and Borough of Juneau.  The company is named after a richly mineralized and gold-laden zone in Southeast Alaska that stretches along the mainland from Frederick Sound on the south to Berners Bay on the north and area encompassing Goldbelt's land holdings.

Founded in 1973 and incorporated on January 4, 1974, Goldbelt was organized under the terms of the 1971 Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA), the largest single federal settlement of Native American claims.  Through ANCSA, descendants of Alaska's original inhabitants received 44 million acres of land and $966 million in cash. This was divided amoung more than 200 rural and urban corporations and 13 regional corporations.

We can be reached at:

Raven Eagle Gifts
490 S. Franklin St.
Juneau, Ak.  99801
Ph. 907-463-3412
Fax. 907-463-5095
Toll free 1-888-461-8726

e-mail:  mail.regi@goldbelt.com

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