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Odin Lonning

Odin Lonning (Tlingit name Sh’now Taan) is an award-winning, professional Native artist from Juneau, Alaska. He is Woosh Ke Taan (Eagle/Shark) Clan through his Tlingit mother, and he shares the name of his Norwegian father.

At age ten, Odin was motivated to explore Tlingit art when he saw his first traditional dance performance. Local Native artists, culture centers, and museums in Southeast Alaska also inspired him. Seeking a deeper understanding of the culture essential to his artwork, Odin learned Tlingit dances and songs. New he dances with groups in Seattle and Alaska. Since 1982, Odin has devoted many hours to cultural education for Native students and the general public. Today he collaborates with his partner, Ann on Keet Shu-ka: An Indigenous Tribute to Killer Whales and other innovative programs blending First Nations culture, science, and art.

In the mid-1970 the Juneau Centennial Committee, Juneau School District, Goldbelt Corporation, and Sealaska Corporation commissioned works by Odin for permanent display. In 1989, he attended the Institute of American Indian Art in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Since 1974, Odin has won multiple awards in art shows throughout the Western US. In 2000, Native Peoples magazine featured furniture designs he created for Northwest Native Designs.

Since 2000, Odin has carved totem poles and house posts for clients in Chicago, Portland and Paris. In 2005, he completed a ten-foot Killer Whale and Thunderbird totem for Everett Community College, north of Seattle. In 2006, a seven-fool long carved, painted Killer Whale panel will be dedicated at the Seattle Aquarium.

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