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Walker Goldsmith

Owen and Janet Walker bring their skills, talents and intense love of the Northwest Coast Art together in astonishing creations reminiscent of times past.

Having achieved a degree in Anthropology from Western Washington University, Owen focused on pre-historic peoples and places of the Pacific Northwest. This interest and his 40 plus years of living and working in the rural Pacific Northwest awakened a spiritual connection to his Shinnecock and Cherokee ancestors, which he chooses to express thru Northwest Coast Native Art. Owen is a Master Goldsmith and Engraver with 30 years experience working in all kinds of jewelry styles and techniques, but Northwest Coast Native Art is his chosen medium of expression.

Janet is a professional Graphics Designer and Goldsmith. She has lived all of her life in the Pacific Northwest and is keenly aware of the connection between the environment and the art of the Native peoples.

Four years of studying Northwest Coast Archaeology and Anthropology at Western Washington University served to sharpen his desire to produce fine Northwest Coast Art. Studying Prehistoric American metalsmithing techniques piqued his desire to try his hand. It fit very well. He started in 1970 with simple silver jewelry and is now a master goldsmith, having trained several apprentices. With his wife Janet, a graphics designer trained at the university of Washington, and goldsmith apprenticed with husband Owen, together they are Walker Goldsmith.

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